Shipping and Return Policy


Crossroad Co. accepts online orders for our delicious selection of Winecream flavors. Our weekly deliveries are produced on Monday so they can arrive to you on Tuesday, so they must be received by 11:59 PM on Sunday to ensure orders can be filled in time.

Online orders can be delivered two ways:


Winecream pints are shipped in insulated foam coolers packed with dry ice to keep them frozen on their journey to you. We ship all packages via FedEx Ground for delivery to addresses in Maryland and Washington, D.C. ONLY. At this time, Crossroad Co. is unable to ship to addresses in other locations.Because our products contain alcohol, delivery requires the signature of an adult 21 years or older with a valid photo ID.  It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that an adult meeting this requirement is present at the shipping address provided on the day of scheduled delivery during normal business hours, or until 8PM for FedEx Home Delivery service.

Shipping is a flat $35 per cooler (including a $10 returnable cooler deposit – see below). Our insulated shipping coolers can accommodate up to four pints of Winecream – but whether they’re full or not, the cost is the same. Because of this, we highly recommend ordering in quantities of four pints at a time to maximize the bang for your buck! For an additional fee of $15 per cooler, customers may choose FedEx’s 2-hour delivery appointment option at checkout.Within 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery, FedEx will call the customer at the delivery phone number provided by the customer at checkout, at which point the customer may set a delivery appointment within a guaranteed 2-hour window. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the phone number provided at checkout is accurate, and that delivery is scheduled in a timely manner.

All shipments are subject to FedEx’s warranties and other policies.

Shipments to addresses in Washington, D.C. are limited by law to 32 pints per address, per month. Crossroad Co. reserves the right to cancel orders to comply with these regulations.


Crossroad Company offers local pickup in Baltimore at PEAK Performance Training located at 512 S. Conkling St., Baltimore, MD 21224. Customers choosing this option should arrive (with valid photo ID) on Tuesday nights between 5pm and 7pm in order to pickup their order. The $2 shipping fee includes insulated packaging that can keep Winecream frozen for up to 3 hours.


Our shipping materials are designed to keep your Winecream frozen until late evening on the delivery date – once you receive your shipment, we recommend carefully opening it following the written precautions on the packaging (most packages will still contain some dry ice, which should be handled with care using gloves or other protective equipment), then immediately placing your Winecream in your home freezer. We also recommend setting your freezer to its coldest possible setting, in order to maintain Winecream’s ideal flavor and texture.


Included in the $35 ship-to-home cost is a $10 cooler deposit. It works just like a milk bottle deposit – you can return the cooler to us using the return shipping label and instructions included in your shipment. Place your empty foam cooler in the cardboard box it came in, seal it with packing tape, and affix the return shipping label, making sure to remove or cover all other shipping labels on the outer cardboard surface. Once we receive your cooler and ensure it’s in original condition, you’ll see a return credit of $10 on your credit card statement as a thank you for taking the time to be conscious of our environment and conserve resources! Crossroad Co. reserves the right to refuse cooler returns based on condition.


Because of the perishable nature of our product, all Winecream sales are final. If you’ve received a Winecream shipment that arrived damaged, melted, or in otherwise unacceptable condition, please contact us immediately. Please be sure to take photos of the product/packaging and include them in your email. In the rare event that Winecream products arrive in unacceptable condition or your order is delayed or otherwise disrupted due to our own error, Crossroad Co. will, at its sole discretion, refund or replace your order.

In cases where packages are unable to be delivered per the shipping requirements above, no refunds will be granted. Order cancellations/delivery date modifications must be received via email to no later than 11:59 PM on the Sunday preceding the scheduled delivery date. Cancellations and modifications will be granted at Crossroad Co.’s sole discretion. All cancellations are subject to a 5% cancellation fee.


If you have any questions about this Shipping and Return Policy, contact us at Crossroad Co. reserves the right to modify our Shipping and return Policy at any time without notice.