Frequently Asked Questions

This is awesome! Can you ship me a pint?

We are thrilled to finally say – YES! We will begin shipping Winecream pints for delivery on August 2, 2016 and deliveries will continue weekly on Tuesdays thereafter. Currently we are only able to ship to addresses in Maryland or the District of Columbia. Not in Maryland or D.C.? Be patient – we’re working out the kinks and hope to expand our shipments to more locations soon!

How does shipping work?

Winecream pints are shipped via dry ice-lined foam coolers and arrive via FedEx ground on Tuesdays beginning on August 2, 2016. Our insulated coolers can accommodate up to four pints of Winecream – but whether they’re full or not, shipping costs a flat $25 per cooler. We highly recommend ordering in quantities of four pints at a time to maximize the bang for your buck! 

Packages shipped via standard shipping arrive during normal business hours (or as late as 8pm for residential addresses) and require the signature of an adult over 21 years old. To help customers meet this requirement, we also offer shipping with a 2-hour delivery window. For an additional fee of $20 per cooler, customers may choose FedEx’s 2-hour delivery appointment option at checkout. Within 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery, FedEx will call the customer at the delivery phone number provided by the customer at checkout, at which point the customer may set a delivery appointment within a guaranteed 2-hour window. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the phone number provided at checkout is accurate, and that delivery is scheduled for a time where an adult over 21 years old can sign for the package(s).

For more details on shipping, see our shipping and return policy.


I live/work in Baltimore/DC and don’t want to pay the shipping fees – is there a place I can pick up my order?

We do sell our pints to go during our facility tours/tastings, but online purchases are not available for pickup at this time. If you can’t make it to a tour/tasting, you’ll want to check out any of our local, family-owned retailers.

How else can I enjoy Winecream – can you serve it at my wedding/bachelorette party/corporate party/other event?

Yes, we love serving Winecream at private events! You can find more information about our event packages on the events page, or email us directly at

Is liquid nitrogen harmful?

Nitrogen is part of every breath we take; in fact, it’s the most abundant element in our atmosphere. In its liquid form, nitrogen is so cold that we can use it to freeze our products; but once it warms up above its boiling point, it immediately turns back into an atmospheric gas. Because each serving of Winecream takes about a minute to make, by the time Winecream reaches your mouth the liquid nitrogen is long gone.

Do I have to be of legal drinking age to eat Winecream?

Yes, because the product contains up to 10% alcohol by volume, customers must be 21+ to enjoy. We check for a valid photo ID for all sales and samples, and all our shipments require the signature of and adult 21 years or older (the deliverer will check for ID). Remember that Winecream is an alcoholic product – be responsible!

I still have questions. How can I contact you?

You can reach us any time via our contact page or directly via email to