About Crossroad Co.

Crossroad Company, LLC is a small, family-owned business located in Baltimore, MD. We are the proud innovators of Winecream – wine ice cream. Our product combines the best of two worlds: super-premium, naturally sourced gourmet ice cream and craft-made fruit wines. The results are delicious, boozy frozen desserts.

Our Story


Crossroad Co. began late one Christmas after a day of family togetherness that involved lots of wine and ice cream – separately. Eventually, we figured we’d just skip a step, and Winecream was born. We’ve been pursuing our dream of sharing our delicious product with the world ever since.

How it Works: Festivals

Food and wine festivals throughout Maryland have been the core of our business since we began – we’ve been serving our boozy desserts at events since 2014. At festivals, Winecream is made in individual 6 ounce servings that are mixed and flash frozen to order. A customer first chooses her wine from a variety of house-made options including strawberry, mixed berry, pineapple, or peach.

Winecream in the Making

The wine then is mixed with our super-premium ice cream base, and the customer may choose additional mix-ins including all-natural fruit purees, sliced fruit, nuts, and candy or cookie pieces.

Winecream in the Making 02

Once a delicious liquid concoction is mixed up, it’s flash frozen using liquid nitrogen, a food-safe cryogenic liquid that’s nearly -320 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a delicious, customized frozen dessert that’s as high as 10% ABV – the alcoholic equivalent of a typical glass of wine.


How it Works: Pints

Beginning in August 2016, we’ll be sharing Winecream with the world in an even more convenient way: pints shipped directly to consumers. That’s right – you can have Winecream shipped directly to your door!


Winecream pints purchased at our online shop are cold-packed in dry ice-lined coolers and delivered via FedEx to addresses within Maryland and Washington, D.C. Because our products contain up to 10% ABV, delivery requires the signature of an adult over 21 years old. Deliveries occur weekly on Tuesdays, and users specify their scheduled delivery date at checkout. Standard shipping costs $35 and includes a shipping cooler deposit (see below); for a $15 fee, users can also choose shipping with a 2-hour delivery appointment window to help ensure these delivery requirements are met.

Shipping cooler deposits work just like a milk bottle deposit: when you return your empty shipping cooler using the enclosed return shipping label, you’ll receive a $10 refund via your payment method. For more information on shipping and cooler deposits, see our shipping and return policy.

Want more info about Winecream? Head over to our FAQ page for answers to frequently-asked questions. Better yet, shoot us an email via our contact page or directly to info@crossroadco.com – we’d love to hear from you!